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Run 1

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Like its name suggests, Run game is an online flash enjoyment that involves a lot of running. In this game, you have to keep running while at the same trying your best to avoid numerous holes and obstacles along the way. The game Run 1 is set on a very wide interface. It is a two dimensional game but one that has an infinite sort of appearance on screen. Its background comprises of three main colors namely candy lime, green and black.

How to play the game.

To play Run 1 game, you will have to use the "Left and Right" arrow keys to move around. You will also need to use the "Spacing Bar" to jump and escape the holes and objects which you'll encounter as you run. These situations only apply to PC web-browser, you'll have to swipe with your fingers in case you are playing the game on mobile gadgets such as smartphones and tablets.

Playing Run 1 calls for a lot of keenness. You have to be very tactical in your jumps so as to avoid the obstacles and holes. In order to successfully and smoothly complete the levels, you should keep running and try as much as you can to avoid falling. Falling makes you vulnerable to holes and obstacles. This is also the case with slowing down. You thus have to keep running.

Goal of the game.

The major goal of the game Run 1 is to cover as much distance as you can, overcome the numerous things that threaten to cut short your journey, and successfully move on to the next level. Aside from seeking to complete the levels quickly and with ease, you should also seek to complete them with high points. One of the ways in which you can do this is by being on the lookout for gold coins and collecting them before they fade out. The coins offer bonus points which will help put you at the top of the high scores list.

Enjoy the adventure.

Run 1 is a wonderful way to relax and refresh your brain. It is an adventure packed flash game that is ideal for persons of all ages. The game is not difficult. It can be challenging at first but once you've learnt how to wilfully escape the obstacles, you will be good to go. You can choose to play either the infinite or the adventure version of the game. Find some time today and get to enjoy this exciting Run 1 game online for free at our site.

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